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Patent Number : 10 - 0622315

The method for augment trunk efficiency of CDMA mobile communication system and CDMA mobile communication
system using the method thereof.









Patent Number : 10 - 0617332

Remote control/ surveillance apparatus using remote memory









Patent Number : 10 - 0700362

Mobile communication system for transmitting data between
base station and base station controller using multi public
networks lines.









Patent Number : 10 - 0715193

Digital complex modulation apparatus and method thereof.










Patent Number : 10 - 0754770

Mobile-NMS server for the DCM in the wireless
telecommunication networks and the method of monitoring
and analyzing wireless telecommunication network
environment using the client software in DCM.









Patent Number :  10-0792707

The control method for wireless communication module including outer controller device










Patent Number :  10-0938907

Neighbor list management in wireless communication network and its method










Patent Number :  10-0942299

Local wire and wireless communication system, and method of inter-networking calls and performing handoff








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