black00_next.gif M2M (Machine-To-Machine) module is the smart communication device which is        



          equipped into various industrial machines or home appliance sets. That device enables



          to monitor the sets and to collect the measuring data of the sets. It can also control


            the sets with a proper indication remotely.  





       black00_next.gif Axstone Co., Ltd. has been under mass production for various types of M2M module



          for Japanese market mainly. Axstone also provides Mobile-NMS® for M2M module



          maintenance which includes an effective remote maintenance and FOTA functions.

















      black00_next.gif CDMA 2000/GSM/WCDMA/HSDPA/HSUPA




      black00_next.gif Data and Voice Support




      black00_next.gif Standard RS-232C Interface




      black00_next.gif Remote Control by AT Commands




      black00_next.gif GPS Support




      black00_next.gif Built-in TCP/IP Stack




      black00_next.gif SMS




      black00_next.gif OTA (Over-The-Air) Service




      black00_next.gif FOTA Support




      black00_next.gif USB Interface




























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